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Terms & Conditions

Purpose and Scope:

Bizdify will provide Reputation Management Services at your request.

The details of the services provided in this agreement are detailed herein, and in your email with your bizdify representative. 

Client Responsibilities you shall be responsible for the reliability, accuracy, and completeness of the records, the particulars, and information provided and for the disclosure of all material and relevant information. Clients are obliged to arrange for us to have reasonable access to the relevant individuals and documents and are responsible for the completeness and accuracy of the information provided to us. Any advice given to the Client is only an opinion based on our knowledge of the specific circumstances of the Client. 


Bizdify will either completely remove negative content, or bring your Google or review platform score up to within 2 decimal places of what it would have been had those reviews been removed by providing consulting and advice and content articles that will help to boost your score. For all jobs, each case is bespoke, and therefore depends on the terms outlined in your email exchange with your Bizdify consultant. If no money back guarantee is specified, then we will compensate by bringing up your review platform score or providing othr services at no additional charge.

Period of Engagement 

This engagement will start upon acceptance of the terms of engagement by you noted by the execution of this letter. 

Review removals can take up to 120 days. Link removals can take up to 90 days. 

Confidentiality: In conducting this engagement, information acquired by us during the engagement is subject to strict confidentiality requirements. That information will not be disclosed by us to other parties except as required or allowed for by law, or as required to achieve the goals of this task, or with your express consent. Estimated Pricing Unless otherwise stated in writing, any estimates which we provide to you of our anticipated fees, disbursements, and charges for any content removal are only indicative of the amounts you can expect to be charged. Estimates are not quotes and are not binding on us. 

Professional fees: fee arrangement is based on the expected amount of time and the skill level of staff required to complete the services at the respective hourly rates. Where quotations have been provided for specific hourly rate services, these quotations will provide adequate detail of all time and allocate staff and rates. If circumstances of the services to be provided change from the original quotation, a new quotation between the two parties will be agreed upon before any further work is undertaken. 

Terms of Trade 

You will only be charged for additional services with your express written consent. The terms of payment are strictly In Advance of engagement unless otherwise specified. If the article takes longer than 90 days but less than 200 days to remove, you will still pay the balance. If it takes longer than this, you will not be required to pay the balance. An itemized account of all charges, costs, and disbursements will be provided on the invoice. Accounts overdue by more than 30 days incur a $50 administration fee per 7 days. You can apply for hardship but we reserve all rights to charge these fees. If we incur any additional costs of collection, such as legal fees and collection agency fees, etc., you agree to indemnify us for all such costs. Terms of trade must be agreed to prior to commencement of content removal. We thank you for the opportunity to provide you with reputation management and content removal and look forward to building a strong relationship with you for many years to come

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