Simon Warman-Freed

Business Manager

I’m Simon, entrusted with the role of Business Manager at Bizdify.

With a proven history of catalyzing sales growth and enhancing business value, I bring a wealth of experience in driving transformative results. My role not only equips me to grasp the challenges you face but also empowers me to deliver bespoke solutions with precision and timeliness.

I find immense fulfillment in aiding individuals who have painstakingly crafted their reputation, guiding them towards fortifying their online presence.

Beyond office hours, I cherish moments spent with my family, comprising three delightful daughters and a beloved grandson.

As a fervent supporter of Chelsea FC, I find solace in the passions of cricket, rugby, and the soulful rhythms of R&B music. 

While infamous for my penchant for terrible jokes, my professional aspiration remains steadfast: to ensure every company I engage with emerges triumphant, fostering positive outcomes from our collaboration.