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An important aspect of managing social media, especially for new businesses, is having a LinkedIn company page. You should make sure you are utilizing all of LinkedIn’s features because company pages give you possibilities that no other social networking platforms do. Like every social media network, LinkedIn company pages have their uses. Bizdify provides a LinkedIn page creation service that can benefit you in many ways.

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What distinguishes a business page from a personal profile?

As a user, your login and LinkedIn profile creation are done in a few simple steps. You communicate with your network using this account, share your thought leadership, and build your profile. Just over 710 million people have personal profiles on LinkedIn.

While the company page, among other things, promotes the company’s brand, highlights its employees, and enables hiring.

Go with the experts

Making sure your brand, product, and content are all well-known and trusted by your target audience and other individuals in your sector is a significant element of developing a successful business. There are several ways to develop your brand, particularly online. The benefit of Bizdify is that we have specialists on staff who can build a page for your business and enable growth. Our objective is to make your brand known to your target market, accomplished professionals in your field, and competitors.

Reach Your Targeted Audience

Bizdify’s LinkedIn page creation service has all the qualities a good page needs, and since LinkedIn is a social media platform, there is a direct path to reaching your target audience. Only those who are experts in their field will be successful in doing so. You can reach millions of people with the help of our experts. Yes, those that are interested in your business will search for you on social media, but what if you have recently set up a business and need to inform the public? 

Due to SEO ranking, your business is likely to appear in the top searches with our service. Facebook and Twitter are for showcasing your personality, but LinkedIn is a great way to highlight your accomplishments and objectives. Since many professionals in service-related fields already have LinkedIn profiles, it would not be strange at all for clients to visit your page there.

Win the race

There might be hundreds of thousands of businesses online, but who knows? There are very few companies that are known to everyone. Do you want to be among the well-known companies? Sure, we know what you wish. Bizdify is an award-winning agency due to the services we provide and the efficiency it delivers. Our experts provide the best LinkedIn Page creation service, due to which your company is likely to win the competition for business.

When it comes to your competition, we consider it our own. It’s a positive sign to try to be on their radar. Other businesses will follow you if your corporate page is strong, which is a sign that you are deserving of their attention. Many users and company owners go for LinkedIn page creation because of the positive aspects it possesses.

Last but not least, a LinkedIn company page is a great way to attract potential employees. You may quickly publish job openings on the website via your company page, making it an excellent place to hunt for employment. Since job seekers can simultaneously apply and research your business on LinkedIn, it serves as a sort of one-stop shop for them. For qualified professionals in your field, a well-designed corporate page in conjunction with job advertising will be considerably more appealing than just a job posting alone.

Connect with employees

Bizdify knows the secret and will help you stay connected with your employees, even if they have left your company. Most of your employees possess a LinkedIn page. By creating a LinkedIn account, you give your staff a way to contact you through the platform. Employees can help your business in a variety of ways from this point on. They can first add a tag to your company page in their profile’s CV section. That tag will continue to exist even if they stop working with you. Your company page will be directly accessible to anybody viewing the profile of your former employee, significantly expanding your LinkedIn reach. You’ll have a strong basis for a thriving LinkedIn network if you do that for every employee you have.


LinkedIn page for your business

Bizdify will create a LinkedIn page for your business and your employees, and the “Experience” section of your employees’ profiles will contain references to your business. If you give customers fantastic and unforgettable experiences, it enables them to positively comment on your business. External validation of your business is very helpful in creating a reliable brand.

SEO and Branded SEO

Bizdify is up in the race of SEO as it is one of the pillars of content marketing. A lot of SEO revolves around the practice of using distinct keywords to attract traffic. Since we use specific words to rank your company page, your business is likely to reach a larger crowd. As part of your SEO strategy, it has always been critical to make certain that you’re utilizing the most helpful and relevant words, and we take care to ensure that the words we employ are pertinent.

The potential to turn your brand into a keyword is something that is frequently disregarded. The right way to use your company name is for Bizdify to combine it with keywords to produce “branded” keywords. The benefit of using branded keywords for SEO and branding purposes at the same time is a bonus.

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Bizdify is a reliable agency for many services, including LinkedIn profile creation services, which is why we are an award-winning agency. Are you ready to create your own LinkedIn company page? Leave it to the team of experts at Bizdify to make it happen.

Hence, choose the team at Bizdify for LinkedIn account creation or LinkedIn page creation services that allow your business to grow. Contact us today, and we’ll help you get started on creating your own LinkedIn company page.

frequently asked questions

Any skilled and reliable reputation management company can create a LinkedIn company page for you. At Bizdify, we assure your LinkedIn company page is proper in all aspects.

  • Click the Work icon in the upper-right corner of your LinkedIn homepage.
  • Select "Create a Company Page" as you descend.

Through a parent LinkedIn page, you can create up to 25 showcase pages.

To create a company page on LinkedIn, you must first have a personal account on the social media platform.

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