Free Reputation Review Audit

Free Reputation Review Audit

Do you want to know how well your company performs in comparison to the market? Bizdify offers a free reputation review audit that will give you a comprehensive and detailed report on all your online reviews. Our reputation checker will provide you with the appropriate numbers, figures, and platforms you should be looking at and enhancing to reach a wider audience and improve your online reputation.

For many businesses, competitors and online trolls seek to sabotage any connection you may have to an online audience with negative and fake reviews. Fight back against the haters and understand how your online reviews can work for you.

Bizdify’s Corporate Reputation Audit

Our corporate reputation audit will help you analyse your relationship with customers. You will be able to identify all positive and negative comments about your brand, as well as customer experiences with your products and services. Maintaining a good reputation is vital for ongoing business growth. However, with so many online platforms for people to utilise, your company may find itself in a situation where it requires an online reputation refresh.

Understanding the right time for a brand refresh can be done through a free reputation review audit conducted by Bizdify. The report we generate will highlight the following:

  • Find out how you’ve been rated across multiple online review sites
  • We audit reviews from GoogleFacebookGlassdoorTripAdvisor, and much more
  • We calculate your overall star rating
  • Our report will highlight weaknesses that can be worked on and improved
  • You will gain insight into the number of positive, negative, and neutral reviews written about your business
  • The report will also cover areas of social media as part of your online reputation

Get your free reputation review audit today and find out what people are saying about your brand. For more information on what our reputation review audit covers and how comprehensive your report will be, contact our friendly team today.

Conducting A Reputation Review Audit

There are many reasons as to why you should get a reputation review audit, especially from an expert reputation management agency like Bizdify. With a review audit, you can assess the interaction and connectivity between you and past customers.

The most significant benefit associated with a reputation review audit is that it allows you to change your position in the market. When you know how people are talking about your brand, you can change business strategies accordingly. Hence, we will help you find what needs to be changed in order to enhance your online reputation.

Most reputation review audits are conducted in three stages, and this is no different at Bizdify. We focus on the following three essential elements for any reputation management strategy:

  1. Perception
  2. Reality
  3. Future Reputation

Perception relates to the way people are viewing your business right now. This is dictated by the reviews left on various platforms. Similarly, the reality stage will help you understand how your business stacks up against competitors in the market; various reputation-related concepts will be analysed at this stage, including social media. Lastly, the future step refers to how you would like your company to be perceived by the public and how you can adapt your business strategy to attain better reviews. Although you can conduct your own in-house reputation review audit, you may not cover all the necessary sources, and therefore, the information you receive may be insignificant. Instead, opt for assistance from a reliable reputation management agency like Bizdify to tackle these three stages for you and provide you with a detailed reputation review audit that will help you scale your business and rebuild its reputation. Contact us today for more information.

Choose The Experts At Bizdify

Are you interested in a free reputation review audit for your business? Choose the experts at Bizdify for all your online reputation management audit needs. With years of experience in rebranding and polishing the reputation of various businesses, we understand what it takes to transform the way people view your company. Our reputation review audit is comprehensive and covers all bases, including various online platforms used daily by thousands of potential buyers.

Understand how people talk about your business and learn to shift the narrative if you don’t like what you see. With our free reputation review audit, you are provided with a detailed report that allows you to take back control of your company’s reputation quickly and easily. We provide a streamlined process and an individual approach that is customised to suit each company’s needs. Hence, if you are more concerned about one public platform than another, let us know, and we’ll provide you with a report that contains a detailed analysis of that particular site. For more information on Bizdify as a reliable reputation management agency and why you should choose us for your next reputation review audit, contact us today.


A reputation audit will examine brand mentions over a certain period of time. This means that we will scan online websites to find out how people are talking about your brand. For example, websites and platforms such as FacebookGoogle My BusinessTripAdvisor, and more are filled with customer reviews. A reputation audit will examine this information and help you understand your position in the marketplace and how your business is being communicated to a target audience.

Maintaining a good online reputation for your brand means being transparent, honest, reliable, and interactive. Set up an online profile where past and potential customers can connect with your brand, leave reviews, and learn more about your business. Customer reviews are integral to building a company’s reputation, and therefore, you must try and collect as many positive reviews as possible. At Bizdify, we can help refresh your brand’s online reputation with our specialised strategies and services.

At Bizdify, we are dedicated to refreshing your brand’s reputation. We are experts in all key concepts and strategies utilised to analyse your company’s online reputational performance. With our reputation review audit service, we will scan the internet for all online review platforms and create a report that outlines how well your brand is tracking online in terms of customer experiences. To learn more about your customers and the reputation your brand holds, opt for your free reputation review audit today. For more information on our reputation management services, contact us today or call us at (07) 310 249 47.

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