Glassdoor Review Removal Service



Glassdoor Review Removal Service

  • 67 million people use Glassdoor every month to post and browse reviews.
  • 84.2% of people look for online reviews of companies before deciding to apply.
  • 31.3% of people turn down a job offer due to the negative online reviews they read.

Glassdoor Review Removal

Attracting the best talent is one of the top priorities of companies and businesses for growth, especially in a competitive market. Offering a fat paycheck does not necessarily attract talents to companies and businesses. Today’s workforce is smarter and chooses the companies after extensive research. 

Glassdoor is the primary destination for people worldwide to learn more about a company or business’s work and ethical standards from the words of its current or past employees. Studies confirm that more than 67 million people use Glassdoor every month to post and browse reviews about companies. 

The leading employee-review platform allows every employee to give an opinion about their company anonymously. However, this gives the option for disgruntled employees to put derogatory comments about the companies without any restrictions – and that is the fair game of the platform. At the end of the day, an organisation that focuses on employee welfare often gets punished due to such comments.

Importantly, if you notice that a few disgruntled or fake comments keep your potential candidates away from your recruitment process, you should take immediate action. It can also be an attempt of your unethical competitor to tarnish your reputation and steal talents. Therefore, you must ensure that a negative review or fake comments are not affecting your bottom line.





Don’t Shut The Door To A Valuable Recruiting Resource

Glassdoor is also one of the primary destinations for job search by candidates worldwide. It gives employees the option to review their employees according to various parameters, including salary, business outlook, interview, CEO approval, benefits, and much more. 

Your future employees scrutinise each of these parameters to make a decision. Therefore, a bad review comment can block the ways of talents to your organisation. Additionally, the review comments may not be reflecting the current position of the company in HR policies. Glassdoor reviews and comments that are more than a few years old can still hinder your attempts to attract talents.

Ignoring Glassdoor reviews is not a practically possible option as the platform is a destination for all recruitment-related activities for companies from tech leaders to small-scale industries. Importantly, it is a valuable resource to attract the right talent to your company. If you remove a few bad apples from the reviews, you will see the aspiring talents queuing up for your openings.

Create Bottlenecks In Every Stage Of Hiring

Every recruitment is a lengthy process that spans a few months. From attracting the right talent to onboarding, a potential candidate can say goodbye to the company for various reasons. Getting a pool of qualified candidates is often the first challenge for every hiring manager. When 84.2% of people look for online reviews before applying for a job, it may not be an easy process if you have a few negative reviews and comments. 

During the recruitment process, the recruitment team wants to ensure regular communication with the candidates. The Glassdoor reviews can influence the smoothness of the communication between the candidate and the recruiter. A negative Glassdoor comment can create speculations about a company and can pose challenges for the recruiting team.

In many cases, a candidate may be applying for multiple jobs simultaneously and choose the one that falls within their expectations. Studies confirm that 31.3% of people turn down a job offer after reading negative online reviews about the company.

This means that some disgruntled comments can make every aspect of your recruitment process slow, expensive, and often end up with hiring less-qualified candidates.





Detrimental To Build A Strong Employer Brand

Every company and business want to build a strong employer brand to keep themselves the preferred destination for talents. Studies confirm that organisations that invest in employer branding have three times higher chances of making a quality hire. It requires a collective and continuous effort to create a positive candidate experience through various platforms.

Glassdoor is a primary destination for employer branding as candidates vigorously look for employer reviews. Therefore, derogatory comments on the platform can take a toll on your employer branding attempts. 

When you want to hire talented, leadership-bound people to take your business forward, it is important for you to create a positive impression on people about you as an employer. Bizdify can remove user-generated feedback and help get a brand transformation as a great place to work.

Hassle-Free Removal Of Negative Comments

You must get rid of the negative reviews to make the hiring process smooth. Bizdify can ensure the timely removal of the derogatory comments on Glassdoor to prevent further damage. Our negative Glassdoor review removal service deletes the content permanently from your Glassdoor account, no matter how old it is.

We use straightforward methods to remove the negative comments from the employee review platform. You will see that your reputation is restored to its initial level after the removal of the review. It’s a process of undoing the damage.

Ensure good employer branding with safe Glassdoor review removal services and attract the best people under your umbrella. After the removal of the comments, you will have a sigh of relief as something that was haunting your business got resolved. Our proven process guarantees you the removal of the reviews and comments.

What if you don’t get the expected results? You don’t pay.




Generally, Glassdoor doesn’t allow companies or businesses to delete employee reviews and comments. However, you can flag them for Glassdoor review if the comments violate the guidelines of the platform. 

You can flag it as a fake review or defamatory comment for Glassdoor to reevaluate it. Keep in mind that, Glassdoor will only remove the comments that meet the specific criteria set by them. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect that all the reviews you flag will get removed. 

If that doesn’t work, your next option is taking legal action to remove the content.

According to Glassdoor, it takes every effort to hide the reviewer’s anonymity to encourage the workforce to put their opinion about companies without the fear of intimidation or retaliation. The review platform further adds that it fights for the reviewer’s anonymity if a company plans to take legal action. 

Therefore, you can consider that Glassdoor reviews are private and do not reveal the identity of the reviewer.

Responding to negative reviews can put you in a better light. Keep in mind that you should respond to reviews on time with a professional tone. Try to address the reviewer’s concern, provide them with solutions, and take the conversation offline if required. Genuine, constructive feedback is beneficial for organisations to identify the pitfalls.

However, if you notice that derogatory, fake comments bring down your company’s reputation, get the assistance of Bizdify for the quick removal of the reviews. You should proactively remove targeted campaigns and fake reviews at the earliest to minimise the damage.


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