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Introducing our Google Review Removal Impact Calculator: a straightforward tool designed to show you how removing negative reviews can improve your Google score. Quickly see the difference in your rating before and after review removal.

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ROI Calculator for small businesses

For small businesses, ROI (Return on Investment) is a critical metric to measure the success of their marketing efforts. Small to medium businesses can use various strategies to improve their ROI, such as search engine optimisation (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, and content marketing. A positive ROI indicates that the marketing efforts are generating revenue greater than the cost, while a negative ROI means that the business is losing money. To improve ROI, online businesses need to track their metrics consistently, experiment with different strategies, and optimise their campaigns based on the results.

Loss of ROI due to bad reputation

A bad reputation can significantly impact the ROI of a business. Negative reviews, low ratings, and complaints from customers can lead to a decrease in sales, revenue, and profits. Customers are more likely to trust businesses with positive reviews and high ratings, and they may choose to take their business elsewhere if they have concerns about the quality of products or services. Moreover, a bad reputation can damage the brand image of the business and make it difficult to attract new customers. Therefore, businesses need to proactively manage their reputation by addressing customer complaints, improving their products and services, and encouraging positive feedback from customers.