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Misleading, defamatory, or negative URLs can be harmful to the reputation of your business. We offer negative content removal services for organic Google search results. Removing a negative website, web page, or article from Google can drastically help your business and brand, especially when the negative search result appears on the first page.

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Google Content Removal Service

Businesses and even individuals can suffer from negative content written online that eventually starts appearing in Google search results. What if you found a bad result? Don’t worry; turn to us. Bizdify is an expert in removing damaging, infringing, and trouble causing web pages. Harmful web pages can cost your business a lot – they may impact your sales, revenue, growth, and reputation. We understand how damaging a negative URL, Web page, or news article can get, and this is why we are here to manage your reputation online by removing all negative search results. When you hire us to remove negative online content, you can sit back and relax while we do the hard work. Trusting us to get the job done is the right decision, as you won’t have to pay us until you see the results for yourself.

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De-Index Negative Links

Take control of your online reputation and remove negative web pages that may damage it. Whether you are a business or an individual, speak to our experts if harmful links are bothering you. When you appoint us to manage your online reputation, we have the experience and software to swiftly takedown and de-index negative links from organic Google search results. With our content removal services, reputation management becomes easy for businesses and individuals.

Personal Reputation Management

Businesses can suffer from negative content online, but so can individuals — famous or not. This is why we undertake negative content removal for individuals, public figures, and celebrities too. Regardless of what you do, a negative article can affect your life dramatically. In these situations, our team of experts can help! We have plenty of experience in personal reputation management, so removing any negative content isn’t a big deal for us. Please speak to us regarding your content removal requirements and leave the rest in the hands of our experienced team.

Pay Only When You Get Results

It is disturbing to see negative online content about yourself or your business. Our team of experts has the experience and solutions to help you with your online reputation. We know that the internet isn’t a fair place, so we do what’s required and make things work in your favour. At Bizdify, we believe in eliminating the problems so they do not harm you or your business at any point. Once we remove negative content from your Google search results, you can be sure it won’t bother you again. If you don’t see the negative content about your business removed from Google, you don’t pay us.

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Permanently Remove Negative Content

We implement effective strategies to ensure that negative content is removed permanently. This means that once we remove a bad article, remove bad links, or web page, it will not resurface in the future. So, when you hire us to get the work done, you can be sure that you will have no complaints in the future, even after you have paid for our services. We bet you wouldn’t regret hiring us to remove harmful web pages affecting you or your business.

Know Why Hiring Us Is The Best Decision You’ll Ever Make

Removal of damaging URLs, web pages, and articles

We promise to remove negative content affecting the reputation of businesses and individuals. For example, we implement strategies to remove URLs, web pages, blog posts, and articles speaking negatively about a brand and causing damage to its image, sales, or revenue.

Quick turnaround time

We know how disturbing negative content about your business can be. As a result, when you contact us to remove negative web pages, we immediately implement effective content removal plans. All our efforts are put into removing negative web pages from the internet as soon as possible, so you or your brand are no longer affected by them. 

Permanently remove negative content 

When we remove harmful content from the internet, the results are permanent. This means that once we remove a negative URL, web page, or article, you will not see it again in the future. We work to offer permanent results!

No removal, no charges

We are confident about our work and want our customers to believe in us too. This is why we ask our customers to pay us only when they get the desired results. We first undertake the removal of harmful web pages on behalf of our clients, and only when they see the results do we ask them to pay us. If we fail to remove a negative URL or web page, which is unlikely, we will not charge you for the same.  

Let Us Remove All Damaging Online Content For You!

If you want to take charge of your online reputation and remove any damaging content, speak to us today! The team at Bizdify can help in the effective removal of negative blogs, articles, web pages, etc. that may come your way. With our services, you will be able to manage your brand’s online reputation better. The best part about hiring us is that you only pay if we succeed!


We have been in the negative content removal business for years now, which makes us experts in the field. With our advanced proprietary systems and technologies, we can contact most content platforms and publishers to request that they remove harmful content affecting our clients. Our team prepares applications for removal on legal grounds and shares the same with the platforms or publishers.

You can delete old Google search results by:

  • Updating your website’s privacy settings
  • Requesting to be removed from websites that display your information
  • Changing sensitive information in Google’s Knowledge Graph

But if you want to get rid of old negative content, reviews, or images that are hurting your business, you need to hire a professional for the negative content removal service.

Yes. You can remove URLs, blog posts, web pages, reviews, and other internet content. However, this involves a legal procedure, and it is best to speak to the experts in the negative content removal service industry. Get in touch with Bizdify to get any negative content deleted from the internet.

To get your personal information removed from Google, you have to contact either Google or the specific website displaying your information. If you aren’t confident about communicating with either of the parties, you may hire a content removal expert to undertake the job on your behalf. There are many companies that offer services to help people get rid of bad or misleading content on the internet.

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