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About Bizdify

We are a Team of Experts Fighting For Fairness

We believe in freedom of speech.

What we don’t believe in is the disproportionate and often unfair damage that can be done to a reputation by someone hiding behind a screen and a keyboard.

We’re here to level the playing field – to fight back against the trolls and haters, the unreasonable customers, the fake reviews and unscrupulous competitors.

Bizdify is a medium-sized agency with an almighty reach to remove content that the 'big agency' can only dream about.


Our core focus is to improve brand sentiment in the online environment, to give brands and individuals more control over how they are perceived, and to improve the quality of information with which they are portrayed. We perform our work in a transparent, timely and effective way and track objective results.

If you've been to other reputation management or content removal agencies and they've failed, don't lose heart.

We are a small organisation with an enormous, powerful ability to remove content - frankly, we succeed where our biggest, flashiest looking competitors fail.

We'll also manage your expectations. Even almighty bizdify has it limits - we are one of the most effective content removal specialists in the world - but we are not a divine entity.

We believe passionately that the internet should be a source of quality, clear information about every subject - including your business.

We hope you're safe and well in these times.

We will save you from the heartwarming story about how we were tired of seeing damaging content and why we started this business to make the world a better place.

We didn't.

We started it because we see a glaring need in the market, and bad content destroys your reputation.

You probably already know that most people look online before buying, hiring - or even dating.

So we'll spare you the long spiel and boring metrics, or me speaking in the third person about my wonderful achievements.

Here's our spiel.

We remove content. We just get rid of it for you. It's pretty straightforward. You want it gone? We get rid of it.

And we all live happily ever after.

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