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It takes a lifetime of struggle to succeed in any business or to get a reputed brand name. But any negative comment or any fake news can destroy your dignity in the market. Before the advent of Google, business owners, brand producers, and even website creators worked hard to build a name that people knew positively and trusted. In the digital landscape, people rely on online services and run most of their businesses through online sources. Therefore, it is imperative to maintain the trust of the audience by providing only positive news. If it is not, then any negative news on Google’s first page will destroy the name of the brand. Which is why Bizdify is here to help you remove news articles from Google.

Study: Impact of Negative News on Business Reputation

Potential customers have a greater tendency towards negative news consumption as compared to positive ones. Therefore, it is essential to remove negative news from Google so that you can maintain your visibility and customer trust. As a result of the study by Trustpilot, 90% of businesses cannot sustain growth due to a negative reputation. Another study was published in 2019, as negative news hurt the customer’s trust three times more than positive news. Any business can lose 20% of a customer’s perspective with just a single negative news article.

(“The Value of a Trustworthy Brand Reputation: 6 Ways to Make Trust Your Essential Brand Differentiator – Trustpilot Business Blog”)

Three essential methods can be used to remove news articles from Google.

1. Contact the online news publisher directly.

To remove a negative article from any website, first of all, we have to try and reach out to the publisher directly. We can do this by retrieving the name of the publisher and his email ID, if they are mentioned in the article. This is the easiest way to remove harmful content, as removal from the publisher side will ensure the deletion of the page from the search engine results.

In case the information is not directly mentioned in the article, we can try to search for it by shuffling through the social media accounts related to the publisher. That includes a Twitter handler, a Facebook profile or page, or an Instagram account. If nothing works, we can directly ask the News Website for the information. Once we do get hold of the information, it is recommended to make a humble request to remove the negative article with detailed reasoning rather than going for an aggressive approach.

2. Contact online search engines.

In case the publisher or website owners refuse to remove the article, another step is to contact online search engines to remove the article from their search options. All search engines have content removal policies, and requesting these specific search engines through their online request forms or tools can be the easiest way to remove news articles.

Google, like any other search engine, has content policies to maintain clean search results. Any content that goes against the policy will be taken down. These include copyright- or trademark-related violations. If a news article has identical information, like a phone number, appearance, or any image of crucial documents, then we can submit our official request for the removal of content on Google’s legal page. We may also have to submit a separate application for each of Google’s services where the content appears.

3. Obtain the services of a legal team.

If the problem still persists, contacting a legal team is the next step that we can take. There are several online reputation management (ORM) companies that offer such services, and Bizdify is one of them.

Bizdify offers the services of an expert and well-trained team who will handle your deletion application professionally.

How Bizdify Can Help You Remove News Articles from Google

Bizdify is an award-winning and well-reputed company. At Bizdify, we offer a wide range of internet removal services to cater to your specific needs. The expert team can pursue the editors for removal. The technology experts at can also suppress negative news articles by reducing their online visibility by dropping old news articles downward on the result pages of search engines. The company is working for more than just the deletion of your desired content on search engines. The expert team will also boost the reputation of your business, brand, or website by optimising the page and building the trust of the audience. The team will provide you with a trustworthy service, and the whole process will be done without a hinge.