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The Ultimate Guide to Fake Review Removal - Bizdify

The Ultimate Guide to Fake Review Removal: Tips and Tricks for Winning the War Against Fake Reviews

3/4 of people, including you and me, buy products or services online after reading user feedback in previous reviews. The verdict of their consumers supports businesses worth millions to billions. A fake review might not sink the company, but it can mislead a potential client. An adequate review monitoring service can help detect and remove fake reviews. Below, we will walk you through ways to spot fake reviews and share three practical ways to remove them. What's wrong with fake reviews? A...

Google Rankings - Bizdify

The Effects of Google Link Removal on Google Rankings

When negative information about you is posted online, it is likely to show up in search engine results. In contrast, having negative information appear on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for a person's name has been shown to cause them to lose job opportunities and strain their personal relationships. How bad search results affect Google rankings: negative search results for a brand or company have been found to turn away potential customers and have a negative effect on Google...